The Bag

For some reason this is getting attention, so I shall share with the class. ☺


20180107_112457The Trail

The trail had gone cold. That was the frustration which James Newton was feeling. He saw the target disappear into the woods but the trail went cold as soon as they hit the rocky cliff. If he had been more steadfast into making the jump down the steep incline, he would’ve had him. He could’ve then bargained for the woman whom they all knew was going to be harder to catch. Five long seconds of indecision and he lost his chance. He knew it. But, he wasn’t as desperate.

James was squatting over his boots and staring down at the muddy trail, squinting for any signs of fresh tracks. The well packed hiking path was smooth as a consequence of the water cascading from the nearby hillsides eroded any signs of footprints in the drenched dirt. He knew they were close. He could feel it. Maybe it wasn’t…

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The Light of Day

And now for something completely different. 💙


194fe610df99ca8797d65a893eb6542cA faint light has begun off to the east, creeping its way slowly across the dark fields of wheat and corn. The light reaches the side of a single level ranch style home. There is a small tear in the screen of the kitchen window that has been left open. A lazy, fat horse fly makes his way through the tear and into the kitchen, gliding over the yellow formica countertops, and landing on one of the dark stained cupboard doors with worn brass handles. The morning sun streams through the kitchen window illuminating the clean but worn area. Upon entering the kitchen John rolls up the morning paper and smacks the lazy horsefly, it falls to the countertop and John sweeps it into the trash bin. 

He opens one of the cupboards doors, pulling out a tin of Folgers coffee and goes about filling and starting the Mr. Coffee…

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Looking Back


Note: I wrote this two years ago on my birthday, being that it’s Father’s Day weekend I felt the need to post it again.


It’s one of those days.

Even though you’ve been gone for quite awhile now.

It still stings, without warning thoughts of you drift in.

Demanding my attention, causing tears to well up.

I will always remember you.  -Miss and love you dad, always. Megan 💙

It’s my Birthday and it’s my blog so I am going to ramble a bit about life. When I was born on May 10, 1976 my dad made sure to keep the Newsweek magazine of the same date. He put it in my baby book and it’s still there. Full of cigarette, alcohol, and car ads, a piece of history.

A couple other things I have from my dad, are two copies of the weekly newspaper that he helped put out when we lived in McGrath Alaska and he was manager of the radio station KSKO. The two copies that I have I was given by my Grandma when my Great-Grandma passed away, they were sent to her by my mom, they have pictures of the 4th of July parade that me and my younger brother Chip participated in. The other issue has pictures of me and my 4th grade classmates from a class trip to Anchorage Alaska. I don’t remember a whole lot about that trip except that they took us out for a nice chinese dinner and then took us to the carnival. That’s a bad combination, for a handful of  10 and 11 year olds, a few got sick.

I also have a few postcards and a letter that my dad wrote me while I was away at Girl Scout Camp, yes I was a Girl Scout for a few years. My mom was our troop leader, we sold cookies, earned badges and I attend Summer Camp two years in a row. Camp was interesting, first year I had a counselor that read us Stephen King’s Cat’s Eye, which was a short story titled General from his Night Shift collection. The second year I managed to fall, trip down a hill and smack my right hand into a tree, thus spraining three fingers. I am not really one for outdoors.


The other letter I have from my dad was one he wrote for my choir teacher, she had all the freshman chori students do a sleepover and had the parents write letters. My dad’s letter to a 14 year old me is one of my prize positions.


Then there’s the prom picture and graduation photo. The guy I went to prom with is the guy I lost my virginity to, also the graduation photo had to be airbrushed because I had a hickey. Then there was high school graduation, I don’t recall a whole lot from the actual ceremony, except that my cap fell off while the senior choir members, me being one of them, were performing.  


The the last two photos are of me and my Grandpa, one of the only pictures I have of the two of us. And my self portrait that I did for my photography class in college, which is me in my dorm room.

Like I said rambling to you all as I flip through a box of memories.   


A Rambling Blog About Books

A little something I tossed together. Enjoy. 💙


23472054_10213857036957189_7898024616732779578_nI am by no means a constant or avid reader, if a book holds my attention then I will read it. However this doesn’t occur often. That being said, what follows is a brief list of authors and books that I have read recently.    

Richard Chizmar

A Long December

Gwendy’s Button Box

I stumbled upon Richard Chizmar’s work because of his collaboration with Stephen King. I am glad that I did he has a raw talent for twisting the narrative of a short story. I devoured A Long December and am looking forward to getting my hands on The Long Way Home.  

Cori Lynn Arnold

Northern Deceit

Scalding Deceit

I know Cori Lynn Arnold from college, I know her in passing, one of those friend of a friend acquaintances. It took me awhile to get around to reading her work. But when I finally did…

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Question of the Hour Presents: Faces on Mixer

Because sometimes I write articles, putting that study in journalism to uses. ☺ – Megan


9M84oitZ_400x400The Questions:

Why do you stream?

What do you get out of it?

Where do you see it going?

Is streaming what you thought it would be?

What have you found beneficial in streaming?

What has been a deterrent in your streaming experience?

Do you think streaming as a career will continue to grow?

The Answers provided by our awesome streamers on Mixer: Before we dive into their answers a Streamer is someone that live streams creative content, be it video games, tutorials, art projects or discussions.

A huge thank you to everyone that participated in answering my questions.


Why do you stream?

I stream because it’s the exact same attitude I normally have when playing games and I’ve always like entertaining people. It also gives me a chance to connect with and talk to people, which I genuinely enjoy.

What do you get out of it?

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Pick Your Poison (Flash Fiction)

We’ve been playing with writing prompts, check it out.


A light breeze blew through an open window, causing the flames on the oil lamps to gently flicker and cast an eerie glow along the walls of an already dark, gloomy setting. Throughout the room hung various garments in various degrees of completion, their shadows moving on the walls like ghosts in a macabre dance of death. The rising steam from the engine that hummed and thrummed in the room only served to add to the atmosphere of gloominess and despair.

While it may seem unsettling to some, it was a place of comfort to the only living occupant of the room. JD Plinkett was a wiry, gaunt faced old man with a scraggy unkempt beard and long stringy gray hair. Truth be told, if it wasn’t for his raspy breath and incessant coughing, one might think we was a corpse. But, he was very much alive, and was the…

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One Hour at a Time

I tossed my retail hell articles One Hour at a Time all together for your reading pleasure.



“We were somewhere around Barstow on the edge of the desert when the drugs began to take hold.”  Well not quite, although being on ‘something’ would make going back into retail work at 42 years of age a little easier. Before we dive into this I think we need a little backstory. I have worked in the retail industry before, many times before over the last 21 years, however working a part-time sales associate position in your early twenties is a whole different ball game than in your forties. You do it the first time for the experience so that you have more than ‘Babysitter for Aunt Kathy’ on your resume while finishing school, be it High School or College. Honestly my first experience working in retail was not bad, I learned a lot, had good managers and I enjoyed my co-workers. I was offered a Department Manager position and…

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