Crazy Train


“Must not forget my shaving kit.” George Allen mumble to himself as he finished packing for his business trip to Ridgeville. He was only going to be gone for four days but wanted to make sure he had everything he needed to be presentable to the board of directors. He was pitching his idea for a new ad campaign, the company had been in the red since February and Mr. Bennet had personally asked George to come up with something that would ‘wow them’.

George finished packing, slipped on his shoes and grabbed his jacket. “Did you get your jacket?” Heather asked as George descended the stairs. “Yes dear, I have it right here.” He said giving her a quick kiss on the cheek. So that Heather would have the car for the week, and since it was a sunny warm day in mid April George chose to walk the three blocks to the train station. “Have a safe trip.” Heather said giving George a kiss on the cheek. “Yes dear.” George said opening the front door and heading out.

He headed down the walk and took a left onto the sidewalk. He started up Orchard avenue, humming to himself as he strolled along. When he got to the top of Orchard avenue he took a left onto Washington Street and headed down hill towards the station. George was about halfway down Washington Street when he felt a sharp pain in the back of his shoulder blade. He turned around seeing a tall skinny man standing behind him as he sunk to his knees from the pain. George is slightly aware as a black cargo van pulls up beside them. The skinny man grabs George around the middle and hoists him into the van.

…All day long I think of things but nothing seems to satisfy

Think I’ll lose my mind if I don’t find something to pacify

Can you help me, occupy my brain?..

Played, as George opened his eyes, he was surrounded by darkness. His head throbbed, he went to move and realized that his hands were handcuffed to the bed posts. Moving his leg he quickly realized that his ankles were shackled as well.

“What the fuck!” He yelled out to the empty room.

The overhead fluorescent lights snapped on, George closed his eyes. “Georgey, Georgey, Georgey.” The tall skinny man said as he entered the basement. George blinked rapidly trying to focus on the voice. “I’m Chad and that’s Dennis.” Chad said pointing over to a heavy set man holding a video camera in the far corner of the basement. “What the hell is going on?” George yelled out. Chad stood next to the bed and placed the end of a leather riding crop against Georges mouth. “Shhhh…” Chad said as he ran the riding crop down Georges body. George became very aware of his nakedness as the riding crop passed his hip and trailed down his inner thigh.

Dennis had moved closer to the four post bed that held George, against his will. Panning the camera up and down his body. Chad raised the leather riding crop, a loud ‘snap’ rang out as he brought it down onto George’s thigh. “Fuck!” George screamed his eyes watering from the sting. Chad and Dennis left the basement, flipping off the overhead fluorescents, once again the music filled the room.

…Oh yeah

I need someone to show me the things in life that I can’t find

I can’t see the things that make true happiness, I must be blind…

“I Fucking hate Ozzy.” George screamed.

~ ~ ~ ~

“Wakey, wakey, Georgey.” Chad said lightly tapping George’s cheeks with the leather riding crop. George blinked the overhead lights were on once again. Chad came into view, standing over him. He was dressed in a black latex bodysuit, it covered his body from toe to neck. His skinny body looking skeleton like sealed in the latex. There was a commotion over in the far corner, George turned his head. Dennis had knocked over a chair, and was setting it right. “You ready over there?” Chad asked sounding annoyed. Dennis picked up his camera and nodded.

Chad opened a duffle bag that had been placed on a coffee table next to the bed. He took out a candle, lit it and sat it on the end table next to the head of the bed. The musty basement smell was joined by the vanilla scent from the candle. He took out a long, rounded tube with a trigger handle on the end. “What the fuck is that?” George exclaimed. Chad looked over at him grinning. “They call this a human cattle prod.”

George squirmed against the bare mattress. “Knock it off!” Chad said. He pulled out a black whip with multiple long, knotted strands. Chad turned towards the bed bringing down the whip across George’s bare chest. “Fuck!” Chad struck him again, leaving long red streaks. He moved down striking George’s stomach and thighs. George struggled against the handcuffs and shackles trying to avoid the blows. Chad moved back up his body, striking his outstretched arms. Dennis had come closer standing about a foot from the bed.

Chad picked up the candle, he held it over George’s chest, and slowly dripped the hot wax down his red streaked chest. “FUCK!” George screamed. Chad set the candle back down. He picked up the cattle prod, running his hand along the smooth, rounded post.

Chad got on the bed, sitting in between George’s outstretched legs. He ran the end of the cattle prod up George’s inner thigh, stopping next to his balls. He pulled the trigger. George’s whole body tensed up and shuddered. Chad ran his latex covered fingers up George’s inner thigh and over his cock. Slowly stroking it. George tried to move away, from Chad’s touch. But there was nowhere he could go. He glanced over at Dennis who was filming, and who definitely had a hard on watching this torture go down. Chad’s stroking increased in speed, squeezing the tip when he got to it. “Fuck.” George said pushing his hips up against Chad’s hand.

Chad removed his hand and pulled the trigger, another jolt rushed through George’s body. George fell into darkness.

~ ~ ~ ~

George came to with the Prince of Darkness’ vocals screaming in his head.

All aboard!


Aye Aye Aye Aye Aye Aye…

Then he became aware of the warmth that was engulfing his cock. He raised his head looking down his body to find Dennis hungrily sucking his cock. The overhead lights were still off and the music was still playing at full volume. Dennis sucked, licked and stroked as George laid there unable to fight back.

George closed his eyes and let himself cum, filling Dennis’ eager mouth. When he had finished Dennis got off of the bed, walked over to the head of the bed, whispered something into George’s ear and then stuck him in the neck with a hypodermic needle. George mumbled Dennis’ words to himself as he fell back into darkness.

George awoke to find himself in a motel room, fully dressed with his travel case and jacket.

“What the fuck.” He said sitting up on the bed, his head pounded. He found his shaving kit and some aspirin. He made his way to the bathroom, filled the plastic complementary cup with cool tap water and drowned the aspirin. He stood looking into the cracked mirror that hung over the sink. He unbuttoned his shirt and examined the red welts that covered the upper part of his chest.

George closed his eyes and Dennis’ words seeped back in. “Don’t go home. Heather knows about Rachel. This is her doing. Don’t go home.”       



Wishes – Complete


I watched her walk into the living room wearing a dark green satin nightie, her hair down flowing in waves over her shoulders. He was sitting on the couch, his throbbing cock stretching the fabric of his basketball shorts. She stood before him and dropped to her knees, she helped him remove his shorts. She ran her tongue along his shaft, sliding the tip between her lips and taking him into her mouth. He let out a moan, closing his eyes and let her suck on him.

I sat in my recliner across from them watching. My fingers gripping into the armrests of my chair, my cock aching to be touched. I was mesmerized by her bobbing head, how she took him deep into her throat and then would slide him out, just to plunge her mouth down on him once again. He ran his finger through her hair, pushing her further on to him. She pulled her mouth off of him, his cock slick with her saliva and oozing pre-cum.

She stood up and pulled the satin nightie from her tossing it onto the far side of the couch. She straddled his hips, sinking onto his throbbing cock. He grabbed her breasts wrapping his mouth around her hard nipple and sucked, as she began moving her hips back and forth. My hand found its way into my sweatpants, gripping my cock, stroking in rhythm to their fucking. He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her tight against him and started thrusting into her. She leaned back moaning, gasping and crying out as her juices ran down his cock.

He moved her off of him and laid her across the ottoman that sat in front of the couch. He kneeled down burying his face in her pussy, lapping up her juices. I stood up, dropped my sweatpants and walked over to her, she eagerly took my throbbing cock into her mouth. She sucked on me as her fingers squeezed my balls, making me moan as I watched him eat her out. He stopped, wiped the juices from his chin with the back of his hand.

He had her turn over, she was on her hands and knees, with her ass in the air on the ottoman. She took my cock once again into her mouth as he plunged his cock deep into her dripping pussy. He thrusted quickly grabbing her hips and fucking her. My cock filling her mouth, his filling her pussy. I watched as he fucked her faster and harder, moaning as he filled her.

I couldn’t stand it any longer. I filled her mouth with my cum. She swallowed and let me go. He collapsed onto the couch. I stumbled back falling onto my chair, trying to catch my breath. She crawled over to me, and onto my lap. She nuzzled my neck and whispered into my ear.

“Happy Birthday baby,”

I hugged her, holding her to me, I slid my fingers in between her legs. I worked my fingers into her drenched pussy, rubbing my thumb over her swollen clit. She squirmed against me, I glanced over at him. He was watching us, watching us as he stroked his cock, moving his hand up and down his shaft, then squeezing the tip. I moved my finger deeper into her, making her moan, I kissed her, sliding my tongue into her mouth. I could taste my cum in her mouth. She bucked against my fingers, and I whispered to her.

“Cum for me,”

She let out a cry as she filled my hand with her juices.

I removed my dripping fingers from her and wrapped my hand around my stiff cock. Rubbing her juices into my skin. She stood up and I moved onto the floor. Laying on my back, stroking my cock, watching her lower herself onto me.

Feeling her wet, tight pussy engulf my hard throbbing cock. She leaned forward kissing my neck and down my chest, as she slid her pussy up and down my cock. I looked over towards the couch, he was watching, watching and stroking his thick, hard cock.

I looked him in the eye and without a word spoken he got up, walking behind her and kneeled down. He ran his hands along her back and over her ass, slipping his hands in between her legs and feeling her wetness he moved his hand up to her ass and gently pushed his thumb into her. She let out a moan moving to sit up, I grabbed the back of her neck and pulled her down to me.

“Take a breath and enjoy it,” I whispered to her.

She looked me in the eye and then kissed me deeply, as he slid his hard cock into her ass. Slowly and gently he started thrusting into her, as she rode my cock. I watched her as she enjoyed taking both of us at once, she pushed back against him, taking him deeper. He let out a moan, gripping her hips and slamming harder into her. She cried out, I could feel her pussy tighten and cover my cock with her juices.

He came in her and I came deep inside of her watching them enjoy the afterglow. Time took a breath in that moment, everything was still, no noise, no movement, just feeling each other. I exhaled, letting the rush of adrenaline wash over me. He moved back from her, sitting on the floor leaning up against the liquor cabinet. She laid on me, I gently rolled her off of me and on to the dark green shag carpet with hints of gold specks scattered throughout it.

I leaned over and gave her a kiss, as I pulled an afghan off of the hope chest and covered her. I sat up leaning against the couch, I found my sweatpants and pulled them on. I tossed him his basketball shorts and motioned for him to hand me the bottle of Jameson that was out on top of the liquor cabinet. He reached up, grabbing the bottle of Jameson and handed it to me. I unscrewed the cap and took a long pull from the bottle.

“So did you enjoy your birthday?” he asked.

I gave him a grin, looked over at her, curled up with the afghan fast asleep and said.

“Yeah,” as I took another long hit off of the bottle and handed it to him.



The buzzing from the console pulled Becca from her dream. She opened her eyes glancing over at the communications console, as the red incoming message light flashed. She sat up swinging her bare legs over the side of the bed, before standing she looked at the sleeping body beside her and ran her hand across the back of his shoulder. She made her way over to the console and reached for the button to receive the incoming urgent message. As her fingertips brushed the button he grabbed her wrist. “Please don’t answer that.”

Twenty-Four Hours Earlier

“Captain Rebecca Lewis daily log 69: The biodome continues to thrive, the plants have adapted to the foreign soil and the ultraviolet light air converter has been successful so far in converting the planets saturated carbon dioxide atmosphere into breathable oxygen. A mark of the changing of the seasons is the outside surface temp has dropped from a comfortable 24 degrees celsius to a much cooler 4 degrees celsius.” Becca signed off from the daily log recording and took a deep breath.

Becca had been on the newly discovered planet they call Espérer for almost ten weeks. Ten long, lonely, quiet weeks. The daily routine of checking plants, taking data analysis and logging everything was starting to wear on her.

As she was getting ready to retire for the night the communications console buzzed. Becca pushed the incoming message button. “Captain Rebecca Lewis one Captain Neil Bristol will be joining you on Espérer soon.”

“Well of all the eligible people it had to be Neil.” Becca commented to herself.

As she laid in bed her thoughts drifted to a distant past. Rebecca had been ranked number two in her class at the Academy, only to be out done by one cocky, self centered Neil Bristol. During the graduation after party Neil had approached her, all full of himself, feeding her some line about how she should be with number one, meaning him. She blew him off, making her way over to her friends. Shortly after graduation came training, long hours of lectures paired with survival training and pilot training. For one of the training simulations six cadetes were put in a small rectangular room with wooden benches along each side. They sat as the room slowly grew warmer and the air got thinner. Becca was counting to herself as she took slow deep breaths, one, two, three in. one, two, three out. Neil was seated across from her his knees almost hitting hers. As she got back to three the small room started to spin, Becca could feel herself start to fall. Neil grabbed her laying her down on the floor and starting mouth to mouth resuscitation. When Becca came too she thanked him and accepted his offer to grab dinner and a drink. Neil was sweet in the beginning, the closer they got to the end of training the more bitter he became. After training they were assigned to different programs and hadn’t seen each other since.

~ ~ ~ ~

Becca was making her daily rounds when she was startled by a loud buzz coming from the front airlock. She made her way to the camera and looked out at Captain Neil Bristol waving at the camera in his spacesuit. Becca took a deep breath and pushed the button opening the outer airlock door. Neil stepped inside and the door closed behind him. He removed his spacesuit, and made his way into the decontamination shower area. Becca watched the cameras as he undressed and entered the shower.

As Neil exited the shower Becca switched on the intercom. “There are clean clothes in the locker, to your left.”

Neil looked up at the camera and nodded. After getting dressed Neil entered the living habitat. “Captain Lewis, it’s been awhile.” He said taking a seat at the counter.

“Yes it has, nice to see you Captain Bristol.”

“Becca.” He said.

“Neil.” She answered giving him a sideways look.

“Since we’re the only ones here I think you can call me Neil.”

“Fine, can I get you anything, Neil?”

“Something to eat and drink would be appreciated.”

~ ~ ~ ~

After eating Becca gave Neil a tour of the biodome. Explaining the in’s and out’s of the program, as she finished up her rounds and data entries. “You seem to have everything under control here.”

“It still early in the program. We have to wait to see if the plants produce fruit and then hope that it’s editable.”

Neil began rummaging around in the cupboards in the living habitat. “Looking for something?” Becca asked. “I know you must have a stash of the real stuff somewhere. You know for special occasions.”

“Top right, in the back.” She answered. Neil reached up and into the cupboard, finding a bottle of whisky. He poured two glasses and asked. “No chance there’s ice?”


“Oh well this is still better than nothing, cheers.” He said tipping his glass towards her and then downing it.

“Cheers.” Becca said before downing the whisky.

“Another?” Neil asked holding up the bottle.


Neil reached across the countertop, brushing a piece of  Becca’s hair away from her cheek, moving it behind her ear. Becca closed her eyes as a shiver ran down her back from his touch. Neil came around the counter and stood beside her. He ran his hand up her bare arm, resting it on her shoulder. Becca moved into him running her hand across his chest and down his arm.

“It’s been awhile.” She breathed.

“Yes it has been.” He said wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her into him. He kissed her gently on the lips. She put her hand on the back of his neck and pulled him to her, kissing him deeply. Sliding her tongue into his mouth, he let out a moan and kissed her back.

Becca slid her hand into his and lead him over to the bed. She removed the clip from her hair letting it fall over her shoulders. She slipped off her shoes, socks and pants. Neil undressed, then pulled Becca’s shirt off over her head.

He ran his fingers through her hair, and down her back. Kissing her neck and down to her breasts. Becca let out a moan when he latched his mouth over her breast, feeling him suck on her nipple. Her knees went weak and she fell back onto the bed taking Neil with her. He ran his hands down her body, slipping his fingers in between her thighs. Rubbing her pussy, then sliding his fingers inside her. She let out a moan arching her back against his hand. He moved up kissing her, she sucked on his tongue as his fingers worked her. Bringing her to a climax, as her juices spilled over his hand. He brought his dripping hand up to her lips, she slid his fingers into her mouth and sucked.

Becca pushed him onto his back and sat up next to him on the bed. She ran her hand down his body, sliding her hand around the base of his hard cock. She slowly stroked moving her hand up and down his shaft. She then leaned over sliding the tip of his cock in between her lips, and letting him slide into her mouth as she sucked. Letting her hand slide down, gently squeezing his balls, as she sucked harder. He let out a moan, tangling his hands into her hair. She sucked till she could taste his pre-cum, letting him go and licking his throbbing tip.

She straddled his hips, sinking down onto his cock. Feeling him in her, she moved her hips back and forth. He wrapped his arms around her and moved her off of him and on to her back. He moved onto her and thrusted into her. Burying his face against her neck whispering. “Feel me, fuck me, cum for me.”

Becca pushed up against him meeting his thrusts and fucking him. He kissed her deeply as he felt her pussy tighten around his cock, he came deep in her, filling her. Neil rolled over breathing deeply, he pulled her to him. Becca laid her head on his chest, closed her eyes and listened to him breathing.

~ ~ ~ ~

Becca looked up at Neil as he held her wrist to his chest. She reached over with her other hand and pushed the incoming message button and hears: “Captain Lewis we regret to inform you that Captain Neil Bristol’s space pod exploded during deployment. We’ll be sending someone soon to relieve you.” Becca stared into Neil’s eyes as they turned black.

Peppermint Schnapps


October 1995

It was a Friday night, I was still living at home. We had had chicken fajitas for dinner, (that will be important later). At 8 pm there was a knock on the door, it was Ann she had dropped by to invite me to a ‘girls night out’ at a hot springs not to far out of town. The plan as she laid it out to my mother and her boyfriend, (one very nasty piece of work), was that we would go out to Ann’s place tonight and drive out to the hot springs Saturday morning, coming back Saturday night. She spun it wonderfully to my mother, even made me take boots and a extra coat. My mothers boyfriend voiced his two cents on this, ‘weren’t you tired and going to bed. Now your going out.’ blah, blah, blah.

Ann got me out of the house and we drove out to her place, a little cabin out of town. After getting settled in at Ann’s there was a knock on her door around 9 pm. To my wonderful surprise it was Scott, he came in kissed me and asked Ann how it went. Being caught a little off guard I asked him to elaborate.

“Well I had to get you out of the house somehow.”

“So the two of you cooked this up?”

“Yep, were having a party. We are still going to the hot springs, we’ll make a quick day trip of it tomorrow. Tonight we party.” Ann chimed in as she pulled a frosty bottle of Peppermint Schnapps out of the freezer.

Now Scott and I at this point had only been seeing each other for a few weeks. Hell we had only had sex once before this gathering. Now I am not sure how the conversation got started but I know how it escalated and ended. Ann had a bottle of Peppermint Schnapps, but nothing to mix it with. I conveniently had a bottle of orange juice in my bag leftover from earlier in the day. I remember there being a coffee table and some shot glasses. It was at this point that more people were showing up as well, I don’t remember exactly how many more people there were. Let’s say a handful eight or ten, including Ann’s boyfriend at the time Tony.

So this being a new experience for me, parties, people, socializing, and being flattered by the fact that Scott and Ann went through so much just to get me out there. I was a bit of a show off. Ann and I started doing shots of Peppermint Schnapps mixed with orange juice. I don’t remember how many shots Ann did but I did somewhere in the neighborhood of six shots in twenty minutes. (not my finest hour)

We did the shots, music was playing people were socializing. Scott and I were messing around on the couch. It was all good, until it wasn’t. First of all I hate getting sick, absolutely positively hate throwing up. Which is exactly what happened, the chicken fajita dinner from earlier had no problem making a second appearance in Ann’s bathroom. First and only time I had another person, Ann in this case, hold my hair back as I got sick.

After getting sick some of the details are a little fuzzy, I was out on the porch in the chilly October air with Scott for a while. Can’t really recall the conversation but we had both been drinking so emotions were running high. Some fresh air, and water later, Scott and I fell asleep on the couch.

I do remember getting up at one point during the night, to get more water. Stepping over passed out bodies scattered throughout the room, and watching Ann and her boyfriend Tony. He had her up against the wall, fucking her. The things you remember when in a hangover haze. Next morning we got ready to drive out to the hot springs, but first we drove back into town and picked up Subway sandwiches. Ann and Scott were convinced that I needed to eat something.

By the time we got out to the hot springs, I only had a mild headache. We changed into our swimming suites, hung out in the hot tub for a while and then went into the pool. Relaxing, playing around, enjoying each others company, despite not feeling well.

During the drive back Scott told me that after I had gotten sick and was resting on the couch, that Ann had hit on him. Yes I am very aware that alcohol and close quarters plays a part in this. He was helping her get some blankets down and she kissed him and proposed doing more. He declined. Scott and I ended up back at Ann’s place before anyone else. Now taking full advantage of the privacy, Scott sat on the couch. I got on my knees in front of him, ran my hands along his thighs, unbuttoning and unzipping his jeans. Taking his hard cock into my mouth. He let out a moan as I sucked harder.

Scott pulled me up to him, kissing me. I slipped out of my clothes, straddling him, sinking down onto his cock, and fucked him.  

*for more of Scott, Ann, and me*



Kiss and Kill


Kay Russell was asked personally by her managing editor Ronald Jacobson to cover the ‘free spirits in the desert’ as he put it, between taking gulps of black coffee from his chipped classic diner mug. Ronald Jacobson was nearing the 60 year mark, a sticky note with his retirement date written on it in black Sharpie clung to the side of  his computer monitor. Kay had joined the local paper after getting her BA in Mass Communications with an emphasis on Print Journalism. She had been with the paper for just over a year and this was her first out of town field assignment.

After getting settled at the Friendly Budget Inn on I-80 Kay got her things together and headed over to check out the festivities. The ‘free spirits’ in this case were a group of artistic, free minded individuals nummering around eighty. Their ‘Free Minds, Free Bodies, Free Expression’ moto hung on a hand painted banner that was fastened to two poles and stretched out over the dirt road that lead into the Black Hills Desert. Kay found a place to park, exited her car and started wandering through the crowd of half dressed individuals.

She bumped into a guy walking the other way.

“Sorry,” she said in passing, the guy nodded and continued on.

Then Kay heard it from behind her.

“Hey, Kay? Kay Russell is that you?” the voice of the guy she had bumped into asked as he made his way back towards her.

Kay knew exactly who it was she had randomly run into. Richard Boyd, Richie the guy she had had a schoolgirl crush on throughout High School. Kay and Richie had many classes together over there four years in Roosevelt High School, from the first time Kay saw Richie in Mrs. Thompson’s Intro to Literature class to the last AP Biology class they had together senior year Kay was love sick. His broad shoulders, wavy brown hair and square jaw, gave him that a Superman look. When he took up playing football during Junior year her crush intisnefied, his toned, muscular body along with that grin and charm. It melted her, even though she could never bring herself to ask him for more than to borrow a pencil.

Kay took a deep breath, turned to face Richie and said, “Hey Richie, what brings you out here?”

“I’m freelancing for a small independent rag. Came to see what all the hype was about.”

“Nice, I guess I’ll see you around.” Kay said turning to walk away.

“Hey, wait a minute.” Richie said grabbing her upper arm. Kay faced him slightly surprised by his actions.


“Can I talk you into getting a drink and helping me with something?”

Kay gave him a sideways look.

“Maybe, depends on what you need help with.”

“I’ll explain over a drink.”

~ ~ ~ ~

Kay and Richie found a small tiki bar that had been set up amongst the festivities.

“What can I get ya?” The Bartender asked as they took a seat at the bar.

“Whatever your having.” Kay said.

“In that case we’ll have two Zombies, please.”

The Bartender nodded.

“So what do you need help with?”

“This” Richie said taking out his phone, holding it up and pushing record.

“Hello everybody, this is my friend Kay, say hi Kay.”

Kay gave a false smile and said hi to the recording phone.

“We’re out here checking out the festivities, no need to worry. Talk to you all later.”

Richie pushed stop on the phone.

“What the hell was that?”

“Thanks for helping, my family worries so I send them videos to show that I am fine.”

~ ~ ~ ~

Kay was about half way through her drink when Richie struck up a conversation.

“Can I ask you something?”

“I don’t see why not.”

“There was a, let’s call it a rumor in school about you, Kyle Sheridan and a dry handjob in the back of Wendy’s.”

“What? You may need to elaborate on that one.”

“Well according to Kyle you gave him a handjob in the back room at Wendy’s. Of which he said it was dry and not very good.”

“Wow, that’s one way to twist the narrative.” Kay said finishing off her drink.

She motioned to the Bartender.

“Can we get two shots of Jack, please.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

They downed the shots.

“OK, now would you like to hear the real story?”

“Yes, hit me.”

“Kyle and I were in the backroom at Wendy’s before it was time to open the doors. We had done all the prep work and had a few minutes to kill. Now Kyle is a big flirt and I was game at the time, so we went into the backroom and I got on my knees in front of him.” Kay ordered another shot of Jack and downed it.

“And?” Richie asked.

“And I sucked him off and he enjoyed it, there was no handjob, let alone a dry one. Kyle’s a fucking asshole.”

“Yeah, Kyle’s an asshole. So you up for a walk, take in the insanity of ‘Free Minds, Free Bodies, Free Expression’?”


~ ~ ~ ~

Twilight had began bathing the dessert in an eerie blue light, people had started building bonfires around the area. Kay and Richie walked through the groups of people, small groups dancing, and singing together. They entered a large tent, full of oversized floor pillows scattered around on the floor. There were a few couples sitting around some talking, some making out.

“Would you like to partake?’ a short man in a silk robe asked holding out a pipe.

Richie gave Kay a look.

“You game?” He asked.

Kay took the pipe and inhaled, holding the smoke in her lungs as long as she could, then slowly exhaled.

“Nice.” She said handing the pipe to Richie.

He took the pipe and inhaled, held and exhaled. Richie handed the pipe back to the man and took Kay’s hand. He lead her over to a pile of floor pillows and sat down. He pulled her down next to him. Kay leaned over and whispered. “Now what?”

“Now we wait.” He said leaning back and getting comfortable. Kay sat back next to him, and closed her eyes.

~ ~ ~ ~

A deep warm feeling washed over her, the pillows felt softer, the air warmer. She moved her hand and realized that he was still holding her hand. She glanced down looking at her fingers interlaced with his, how soft his skin was. Kay’s gaze moved up looking into Richie’s dark eyes. He meet her gaze and moved towards her. Kissing her gently on the lips. Kay let out a sigh, put her hand on the back of his neck and kissed him again. She sat back against the pillows, he leaned over her and whispered into her ear. Kay giggled, she couldn’t help herself, his breath on her neck sent a shiver down her back as her arms broke out in goosebumps.

Richie stood up, holding his hands out to help her to her feet. She took his hand and stood up, the room spun. She took a quick step into his arms.

“You OK there?”

“Yeah, head rush.”

They walked out into the cool night air. Kay looked up the sky was littered with bright stars, they made their way over to a bench and sat down. Kay closed her eyes and took a deep slow breath, letting the high wash over her.

“Any thoughts on what time it is?” She asked. Richie checked his watch.

“10:45 pm.”

“So back to the Friendly Budget Inn? That is where you’re staying?” Kay asked.

Richie leaned in and kissed her, slower and deeper this time.


~ ~ ~ ~

The sun streamed through the slit of the heavy rust colored curtains, falling upon Kay’s face. She turned her head away at the realization that it was morning. Her head pounded and her body ached, she moved her arm towards the other side of the bed. Her fingers hit something, it was soft and cold.

“What the…” Kay quickly moved and fell onto the floor.

“What the fuck?” a groggy voice from the other side of the room asked.

“Richie? If you’re over there who the fuck is in the bed?” Kay asked trying to get up off of the floor.

“What are you going on about?” He asked getting up and walking towards the bed.

Richie looked over the nice looking blonde that appeared to be sleeping, except that her bright blue eyes were open and her skin was pale. He moved closer touching her wrist and then her neck.

“Well whoever she was she is most definitely dead now.”

“Who’s room are we in?” Kay asked standing next to Richie.

“Mine, I think.” He answered looking around.

“Do you remember anything from last night?” Kay asked gathering her clothes and getting dressed.

“Not really. Except…”

“Except what?” Kay asked pulling her shirt over her head.

“You’re not going to like it. But given the circumstances.”

“Not like what?”

Richie wandered over to the far wall that faced the bed. He ran his hand over the top of a painting of sunflowers pulling down a small black box.

“What the fuck Richie…”

“I told you, you wouldn’t like it.” He said turning on his laptop.

“Can we at least not do this in here, with her?” Kay asked.

Richie got dressed taking his laptop with him to Kay’s room.

~ ~ ~ ~

“I can watch that on an empty stomach.” Kay said calling room service. After two cups of coffee, scrambled eggs with sausage and an english muffin Kay was ready to face the events from the previous night.

“OK, fire it up. Let’s see what we’ve gotten ourselves into.” She said taking a seat next to Richie.

He pushed play, the timestamp read 11:15 pm. Kay watched as they made out, undressed and thoroughly enjoyed each other on a carnal level. She could feel her cheeks getting hot as the embarrassment and regret of the nights events were being played back to her in high def.

“So you film all your conquests?” Kay asked getting up and rummaging through her bag.

“Not always. What are you looking for?”

“These.” Kay answered pulling out a pack of cigarettes. She lit one and sat back down.

At 1:35 am Kay went into the bathroom, and Richie took a call and then left the room.

“Where did you go?” Kay asked taking a deep drag.

“I have no idea.” He said taking the cigarette from her and taking a hit.

Richie pushed the fast forward button. Kay coming out of the bathroom, having a drink, laying on the bed.


The timestamp read 2:40 am when Richie returned to the room with the blonde on his arm. Kay lit another cigarette.

“Are you ready?” He asked.

“Do you have anything stronger?”

Richie laughed, “Not on me.”

Richie went to push play Kay put her hand over his.

“Maybe we should be on the same page before seeing what happened.”

“What do you think happened?”

“Considering she’s dead something happened.”

He took her hand and gave it a squeeze.

“Let’s see what happened, before overreacting.” He said leaning in and kissing her on the lips.

Richie pushed play. The blonde was introduced to Kay. Kay and the blonde kissed, she then did a striptease and laid on the bed. Kay moved in between the blonde’s legs, eating her out while Richie feed her his cock.

“Fuck.” Kay said under her breath.

Kay watched as the three bodies intertwined fucking each other in various positions. Then they were all still.

“Fast forward it.” Kay said.


The timestamp read 5:15 am Kay watched as the blonde got up took something out of her handbag and went into the bathroom. Richie then got up, leaving just Kay on the bed. Fifteen minutes later the blonde came back to the bed and laid down.

“Well that does and doesn’t answer things.” Kay said looking at Richie.

“Meaning what?” Richie asked.

“Meaning you knew were the camera was. What happened during the fifteen minutes you were both off camera?” Kay asked getting up and getting a bottle of water out of the mini fridge.

As she turned back around, Richie was standing right in front of her.

“Oh Kay, sweet, curious Kay.” He said wrapping his arms around her. He kissed her. Then looked into her eyes and said. “You need to make a choice, either you’re with me or tomorrow’s headline will be ‘Two women found dead at the Friendly Budget Inn’ your choice.”

He kissed her again holding her tightly to him. Kay looked at him, kissed him again and said. “Guess we had better go clean up the other room then.”           

One hour at a Time -Conclusion


I have gone back and forth as to if I was going to wrap this up in anyway or just walk away from it completely. Since I am back to more of myself since leaving the world of Retail Hell I will finish this up.

“No sympathy for the devil; keep that in mind. Buy the ticket, take the ride…and if it occasionally gets a little heavier than what you had in mind, well…maybe chalk it up to forced consciousness expansion: Tune in, freak out, get beaten.” – Hunter S. Thompson Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

I got sick violated the attendance policy and assumed that I would be fired. Since they made such a huge deal about the new attendance policy. Apparently not, after missing seven shifts the HR person called me. After thinking this through for a while, I was an adult and called her back. It was a lot of blah, blah, blah from her side, ending with can you come in today. Seriously they are so hard up for bodies at work, they rolled my attendance violation back to 4.5 points, so that I would come back. So I gave them three days a week, I wanted Tuesday-Thursday 1pm-9pm, they gave me Wednesday-Friday 1pm-9pm.

I went back to work for two weeks. By the second Friday back I was beyond done. Upon my going back almost no one spoke to me, (unless they needed me to do something) not the Department Managers, not the Assistant Store Managers and most of my coworkers all gave me the cold shoulder. Now not that I was friends with any of them, but it went from a daily civil ‘Hi, how are you.’ to nothing not even eye contact. Which then leads me to question why in the fucking world would I continue to be here.

So when it was time to take lunch on Friday I got my jacket, cleaned out my locker, clocked out for the day and left the building. On the Friday of Spring Break, and a payday week. After missing another six shifts the HR person called me again, this time I didn’t return her call. Funny side note I have an app for my work schedule, (because of course there is) they post the schedule two weeks out, so this last schedule has me Tuesday-Thursday 1pm-9pm. WTF people. Needless to say I’m done. I hope you have all enjoyed my trip back in to Retail Hell, I do thank all of you for following, reading and commenting. I look forward to continuing my journey of Weaving Words of Fiction. -Megan 💙 

Say it…


Here’s the thing about being curious,

It’s a double edged sword.

I want to know so I ask or look for…

I am accepting of the answers and information found.


To much information is a thing,

Being told a little to much detail,

Is a thing.

And yes I know I asked or I looked.

Just saying I may have a little bit of regret,

About being curious…